The Renaissance-style wedding of
Sarrah & Richard Steiner
September 27, 2003

Sarrah & Richard Steiner - September 27, 2003
It's been a long time coming but here it is... our online wedding album. FINALLY! :-)

Why did we choose to have a Renaissance-themed wedding? We both enjoy that sort of thing... being geeks and all. :-) It allowed Sarrah to have her non-traditional wedding with a Pagan flavor while being less stuffy and more fun than a "regular" wedding which was important to Rich. Plus, it gave Sarrah a chance to make all sorts of fun things like wreaths, banners, pins, etc.

We were married in the Lower Hall of the Knights of Columbus in Bloomington, MN. We held the reception in the Great Hall on the main level so no one would have to travel between the ceremony and reception. It was just a flight of stairs away! We figure over half our guests dressed up which was a wonderful surprise. A year before the wedding, we sent out a booklet that Sarrah put together about making, buying, or renting costumes. We saw a lot of the suggestions from the booklet being utilized!

The only setback we really had for the wedding was with our photographer. Sadly, her mother had passed away and she had to go to Iowa for the funeral the same day as our wedding. A good friend of hers filled in for her and since it was a last minute substitution, the photo time didn't go as smoothly as it could have but we think they turned out fine. The photos themselves are fine but you will see that there were some issues with our scanner. We think this online album will still give you a good idea of our day, though. :-)

The album is best viewed at 1024x768 with your internet browser maximized.

As you are going through the wedding pictures, put your pointer over each picture for some behind-the-scenes notes about the wedding.

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Album created by Sarrah S. Steiner on 4/1 - 4/2/2005.