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Dollhouse Collection
Sarrah S. Steiner

Welcome to my newest endeavor:  dollhouse items in 1:12 scale!  (*smiles*)
           I've only just started this line of items and I must say, it is FUN!

 Just click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture, detailed description of each piece, price, and ordering information.

BaconFried Eggs


OmlettePancakes and Eggs

Lunch & Dinner
Cheeseburger and FriesChicken Dinner

LasagnaHot Dog

SaladS'ghetti and Meatballs

Steak for 2Pizza

Peanut Butter and JellyBaked Chicken Breast
Meatloaf MealStew


Turkey Dinner

Snacks & Sweets
Candy CornChocolate Dessert

Chocolate PopsicleFig Newtons

Lemon BarsLollipops

Peppermint SticksPopsicles

Red LicoriceS'mores

Chips and SalsaCarmel Apples

Fruits & Vegies
Barrel of ApplesBroccoliCarrots



And More...
Butter SticksCider Jug

Raw Ground BeefRaw Steak

Raw Pork RoastMini Cardboard Box

SlowcookerFruit Stand

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