Sarrah's Favorite Links
Who knows what's here?

Pagan/Wiccan/New Age

U.S. Navy Astro. Apps. Dept - Moon Phases
Astrohelper - JavaScript horoscope data generator
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures
What Phase of the Moon is Your Birthday in?

Awakened Woman
Bella Online - The Voice of Women on the Web
Bewitching Ways
Insight Meditation
Proteus Coven
Witches' Voice/Witchvox
Witch Grotto
Shades of Gray/Circle of friends
Yahoo Group - Willow Moon Coven

Old Farmers' Almanac
Hedra's Pagan Chant Page
Ivy's Pentacles
The Glass Temple
Wiccan Pronounciations from The Glass Temple
Pagan and Wiccan Parenting Page
Witchlings - Pagan Homeschooling
A Modern Herbal Home Page
Genealogy of the Gods of Greek Myth

Tarot and runes
Introduction to Runes
Free tarot readings, etc.
The Wandering Hermit - Learning Tarot

Pagan Shopping
Azure Green
Capricorn's Lair
Ladyhawk's Treasures
Luna Myst
Maledicta Moonchild
Moonlight Mysteries
MotherStar MagicalScents
New Moon Occult Shop
Strega's Lair
Blessed Bee Pagan Shop
The Secret Garden
The Silver Dragon
Celestial Auctions
Pagan Pretties
Next Millennium Metaphysical Books and Gifts
Magical Omaha
Meta Pot: A Metaphysical Brew

Regular Shopping Sites

Arts and Crafts
Aunties Beads
Blue Mud - Sterling Silver Charms
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
Monster Slayer - Jewelry Supplies
Crafts Direct Outlet
National Artcraft

Peresephone Plus - Plus-sized Gothic Dresses
Roaman's - Plus-sized Clothing
Lane Bryant Catalog - Plus-sized Clothing
Barb's Large and Lovely
Plus Size Clothing Wholesale
Corporate Apparel Wholesale Supplier

Bud K's - Cheap Knives and Swords
CD Baby - Independent Music
Design Toscano
Pyramid Collection
What on Earth Catalog

Castle Dollhouses and Miniatures

Terryl's Castle
Earth and Tree Miniatures
Miniature Colonial, Medieval, and Tudor
Model Castles

ASCII and Smilies

Acronymns, Emoticons and Smilie Page
ASCII Generator

Miscellaneous Stuff

Oh My Gods! (Pagan comic strip)
Star Tribune Comics and Games
Convergence- my favorite sci-fi convention
Say 'I love you'
Online SpongeBob game
South Park Character Generator
Internet Movie Database
Proceeding of Old Bailey, London 1674-1834
5-Pointed Star in One Snip
Crime Library
Live Journal
Merriam-Webster Online
Spookbot's Fat Doll Dollmaker
Symantec's Internet Hoax Page
The Animal Rescue Site
The SWAN Project
HTML color codes

Nutritional Information

Dining Out Guide with Weight Watchers Points
Arby's Nutrition Information
Burger King's Nutrition Information
McDonald's Nutrition Information
Taco Bell's Nutrition Information
Wendy's Nutrition Information

Links used while planning our Wedding

Ann's Wedding Stationery
Kathryn Mannyng - Harpist and Singer
Medieval Wedding Album and Costume guide
Witches Wed - Handfastings and Pagan Weddings
Chivalry Sports
Medieval Boots

Roleplaying Game Tools

Baby Names by Category
Crystal Caste - Dice, etc.
D&D 3rd ed. - Material
D&D Adventures
Effective Game Design
iG-Tools World Maker
Jerry Hill Presents Find Yourself or Lose Yourself in Names
Ultimate Flash Face
Random Encounter Ideas
The Cavemaster
The HeroMachine Online Character Portrait Generator
The Keep Adventures and Ideas
Worldwide Directory of Cities and Towns