Sarrah's Body Art

I will warn you right now that you will most likely be disappointed at first because there really isn't a whole lot to put on this page as of yet.

    Left ear: 8 earrings
    Right ear: 3 earrings
    Right brow: 1 piercing
    Left nostril: 1 piercing

Being silly with phone cam

    Plans for more piercings:  I will  be getting an orbital piercing in my right lobe someday.  That's basically 1 hoop orbiting thru 2 holes!


    1st tattoo

        Date:  December 5, 2003
        Location: Electric Dragonland in Hopkins, MN
        Tattoo Artist:  Thaddeus (Thad) Paskey

        Tattoo location:  above my heart
        Subject:  Combination of Triple Moon, Sun, and Pagan Wheel of the Year

        My First Tattoo!  Click here for a close up!
        Click on the picture for a close up!

I had wanted to get something that had the Triple Moon, the symbol for the 3 aspects of the goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone), on it.  I have a ring that has this symbol on it with a pentagram in the center of the full moon.  I was browsing the web, looking for ideas, when I came across this picture:

From Autumn Lyn's website

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the tattoo I was going to get.  I loved the combination of the Goddess Triple Moon combined with the God symbol (the Sun) and the Wheel of the Year spokes between the sun rays.  I am a Pagan who celebrate both aspects of the Divine all year round, so it was the perfect symbol for my beliefs.

Mine is about 2.25 inches across by 2 inches high with different colors.  The crescent moons are purple with a little bit of yellow on the arcs nearest the full circle.  The circle starts with purple and then fade to red to orange to yellow in the center.  The sun's rays start with red nearest the circle that fades to orange to yellow at the tips.  The spokes start witht he red at the tips and then fade to orange to yellow nearst the circle.  In my mind, purple and yellow are very feminine colors while orange and red seem masculine to me.  That is why I chose the colors that I did.

UPDATE: I got an e-mail from a nice lady in Canada who had to share with me her tattoo that was inspired the same way mine was. Deanna gave me permission to share her pic as well. :-) It 's cool to see how all 3 are similar yet very different!


2nd tattoo

        Date: November 26, 2005
        Location: All or Nothing Tattoo in Smyrna, GA
        Tattoo Artist: Nathan Beavers, a guest tattoo artist that week

        Tattoo location: outside of my right calf
        Subject: Goddess figure with the 4 Elements

        My Second Tattoo!
        Click on the picture for a slightly larger image!

I had wanted to get a goddess figure. Originally, I was going to get a Venus of Willendorf but thought that was something I would end up not liking after a while. So I had this idea of a personified Goddess figure surrounded by the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I could not find a picture that was anything like what I envisioning so I went to All or Nothing with a huge load of pictures for the artist to draw from. They happened to have a guest artist there that week, Nathan Beavers from Nebraska, who has a very impressive portfolio. Because it was something unique and because I was giving him ideas but free artistic reign, he agreed to do it for me. I was very pleased with what he came up with! I love the detail he put into it. The way that the Fire and Water reflect in her hair and on her hands, the swirling of the leaves which he came up with as a way of refelcting Earth. The four leaves also symbolize the the four seasons, which I though was cool. I never mentioned anything to him about a moon or the triple moon so I thrilled to see that he added them on his own.

It is about 9 inches long and about 5 inches wide so it covers the whole side of my lower leg. It's large than what I had wanted but the detail would have been lost so this is better. :-) We did it in one sitting, too, which took about 6 hours. His normal fee is $150/hour (which is good for an artist of his caliber) but he only charged me $550 total to do the whole thing because it was something unique that he doesn't typically get to do. He was originally going to do her dress in grey and the Air in purple but I asked him to switch them. I am pleased that I did. We also chose brown for Her hair so it'd match mine.

I got a call from Mike at All or Nothing on Thursday, March 2nd saying Nate was going to be in town that weekend and asked me to stop by so Nate could take a look at how well it healed. I stopped in that Saturday and went back on Sunday so Nate could do a little bt of touch up on her. He put some outlines on her face, hair and dress so they stand out a little more. Once that heals, I will update the picture. I brought him some of my own Chocolate Cherry Brownies. :-)

3rd tattoo

Date: July 2006
Location: All or Nothing Tattoo in Smyrna, GA
Tattoo Artist: Nathan Beavers

Tattoo location: outside of my left calf
Subject: Pagan God figure with the 4 Elements

My Third Tattoo!
It's based off Rich's wedding picture only with hunting skins instead of wedding clothes. I wanted the God-figure to be surrounded very nature-based things, like trees and animals, but I definitely think Nate did an awesome job taking what I wanted and turning it into something that made for a perfect piece of artwork. :-) The God-figure tattoo is roughly the same size as the Goddess tattoo and I think is a wonderful personifaction of Him and is a fitting mate to my Goddess tattoo!

    Plans for other tattoos
1. I'd like the one after that to be a trail of Trailing Arbutus starting above my right big toe and leading to the side of my right ankle where it will meet and blend in with a bouquet of flowers above my ankle.  The flowers will include daisies (my maternal great-grandmother's name was Daisy), trailing arbutus (my maternal grandmother's name was Arbutus which is also my mother's and sister's middle names), and Brown-eyed Susans (my mother name is Susan which was also my gramma's middle name and is mine), which will be surrounded by raindrops (my sister's name is Rainee).

2. The one after that will be based on this drawing by Brigid Smallwood:

However, I want to use portraits of my Gramma Arbutus from when she was 16 (Maiden), 38 (Mother), and 70 (Crone) years old.  The alternative to this would be to use picture of my sister (Maiden), my mom (Mother) and my Gramma (Crone).  I will most likely get this on my upper back as it will be a good surface for it.  (Even though I won't be able to see it!)